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And why you'll love it here...

Try some Jazz and then take a trip to Africa. How about some Ballet followed by a feast of Brazilian beats? You’ll find it all here. You bring the bodies, we bring the heat.


Looking for a workout? We offer a variety of booty-kicking classes. From Pound to Zumba, Barre Blaze to Jamaica Jam, we make your gym sessions look like a day of watching paint dry.


Our clients will tell you: we are truly a family here. We work hard to take the elite vibe out of dance and create an environment that will both welcome and challenge you.


Classes for adults only, top notch instructors, hard-to-find workshops, and the most diverse menu of classes: what began as a spark is now a full-blown flame with over 1500 in attendance each month


A Crash Course
"A woman is never too old to dance a dance she knows well."

Room to Dance was opened in July of 2011 by April MacLean, who wanted to give adults a place where they could discover and re-discover their love of dance. The very same week the studio opened, she met Julie Simon, who had a similar vision with a focus in world dance and culture. The two quickly became business partners and launched World to Dance in 2013. A year later, Julie and April merged the two studios and moved to 3737 Main Street on the ground floor of the California Towers. On any given day you will find the studio filled with vibrant, wonderful people challenging themselves and inspiring each other. All levels, all experiences, and all backgrounds, with dance as the universal language.

  • Adults Only

    A space made just for you.

  • Variety

    We offer over 30 weekly classes to choose from.

  • Affordable

    Flexible payment options, unlimited classes.

  • Environment

    Welcoming, inspiring, and addictive.

Who we are

Get to know the crew
Julie Simon
{Afro-Samba, Barre Blaze, Pound, director of Tropicaleiza} … and firecracker extraordinaire. Buy her Starburst, please.
April MacLean
{Modern, Burlesque, Pound, director of Retrograde Dance Company} She’s obsessed with coffee and baby thighs. Also, please don’t say the word moist around her.
Makeda Kumasi
{West African} Dancer, teacher, poet, spoken word artist- basically all the coolest things in one fabulous package.
Ambar Mote
{Advanced Jazz and Jazz Funk} Ambar eats a lot of hot cheetos, is obsessed with llamas, and can quote all of Drop Dead Gorgeous.
Josh Curtis (J3K)
{Hip Hop, director of Team_3K} Josh is our studio goofball. He knows all the words to “summer lovin” and really wants you to make him cookies.
Pedro Ha
Director- ASM
Pedro directs ASM- our all female Brazilian drum group. He buys us way too much pizza, wears really weird hats, and we love him.
Nelly Camacho
{Jazz & Contemporary} Nelly will pelvic thrust you on your birthday. Don’t worry- you’ll enjoy it.
Myeshia Hall
{Jamaica Jam} Myeshia always leaves her giant hoops on the studio floor and can “get low” better than anyone else at the studio.
Roland Juarez
{Rueda, Salsa Lab} Roland is no where near as serious as he looks in this picture.
Rocio Garza
{Zumba} One time, Rocio tried to move away from the studio. It didn’t work. She came back. We’re keeping her.
Mike Recon
{ Zumba} If you take three classes in a row at the studio, that’s called “The Recon”. He’s why.
{Breaking} Green laughs louder than anyone at the studio and doesn’t believe in plates. And we love him for it.
{Bellydance} Stunning, talented, and most of all: the reason studio B is often covered in little jingle coins.
Jenny Aguirre
{Zumba} Sure, she teaches Zumba, but her secret talent is in her gourmet cupcake baking. No seriously…it may be the reason that she teaches Zumba.
Eboni Houston
{Burlesque} Eboni is like a modern day Claire Huxtable: Classy, gorgeous, and shuts you down with a single look.
Cabeca De Coco
{Capoeira} He’s known for his booty-kicking class, but tonight, on the day we created this website, he forgot his pants. True story. (Don’t panic- he had biking shorts.)
Gloria Doran
{Creative Movement for Families} Gloria, Gloria- we think we lost your bio…

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